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our services

Lauren Olivia offers a wide range of services, across the residential, commercial and and social industries. With a passion for creating beauty and synergy in all she does. We invite you to learn more about our services below.  

Interior Design

From initial concept to completion, we provide a comprehensive interior architecture and design service. Our offerings include initial vision boards,  spatial planning and reconfiguration, material and FF&E specification, procurement, and final styling. We deliver technical plans, bespoke kitchen and bathroom designs, as well as custom joinery solutions, available either as standalone services, or as part of a complete design package.

interior styling

Embracing a minimalist style and the philosophy that less is more, Lauren leverages the natural beauty and visual impact of objects, materials and arrangements. She thoughtfully considers the energy they bring to a space to create a truly impactful atmosphere. Off set, she spends her time sourcing and foraging for unique, intriguing pieces that catch her eye. Laurens studio practice continues to evolve, now encompassing artistic direction, create direction, set design and her SB x LO styling and photography service, implementing her signature aesthetic throughout.

PR & collaborations

With a love for visual storytelling, slow living, and travel, Lauren collaborates with brands, artisans, and creatives across diverse industries. She shares her curated experiences and projects across her socials, participating in trips, promotions, and collaborations to bring authentic and engaging content to her audience.